Our Philosophy


Troy Hao

<Legal  Aid>

We clearly understand and value the importance of intellectual property rights owned by brand owner, therefore we will, in close collaboration with our legal team, spare no effort to respect and protect the brand owner's rights and interests in intellectual property.Meanwhile, as a promotion intermediary, we are willing to share and advertise designer’s concepts and aesthetic attitudes taken toward on great design product with more audience.Additionally, in this new E-era we also wish to serve as a bridge for information communication, feedback between customers and producers in a timely manner to enable a quick improvement in either product or sales, thus benefiting the fast development of brands to suit the Chinese market.

Our Partners

We are not big, but we are visionary. Big and established brand are excellent but not a necessary for us.  We are keen to grow and progress together with some small foreign brands with great competent and potential, firmly aimed to raise their popularity and enhance their sales development in the Chinese market.  If you think you are the one or you are interested to know more about us or how we can work with together, you are more than welcomed to contact us. We are waiting for your call!