IKAREN inherits the rich experience and extensive network accumulated and established over the past ten years   from active practice and trade through E-commerce platform.It was formerly known as Shanghai Zanbai E-Commerce Co., Ltd., founded in 2014.Out of love for unique design, originated from seeking product's superior functionality and combined with it’s in-depth understanding of E-commerce, IKAREN was then founded in 2017.

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Integrate and explore the upgraded market of homeware and household products, gathering high-quality goods from all over the world. Targeting at mid / high-end consumers, we shall spare no effort to create a full-fledged platform displaying collections of designer brand products and promoting a new ideas of living to the consumers.



To explore fashion,

 trend and find extraordinary beauty.


Passionate about creative stationery product,

make it as the favorite choice for art lovers.


Obsessed with simple and sleek designed home living product and home wares,

promote the interpretation of stylish Living.


Echo the environmental protection concept,

act as green and recyclable pioneer.


We wish to achieve the following through constant working.


Converge living art and smart design to express exquisite attitude toward life.

“Define your

wearable art”


Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate, started in 2009, is a textured silk scarf brand created by the famous Thai fashion designer Meow’s manuscript. Since that the designer always likes to have a cup of hot chocolate when creating, which will bring her comfort and happiness, so Meow would name the brand in a humorous and vivid way. After ten years of meticulous polishing by the brand founder Meow, Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate has become a well-known fashion brand in Thailand, and it has been loved by fans all over the world and has been exposed by fashion media many times. Starting from a small offline boutique in 2013, now it has successfully landed 7 offline stores in Thailand's major high-end malls and sold them to more than 10 countries around the world.

Product Series Show


Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate


Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate


Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate


Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate

Paradise & Garden

Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate

Modern Girl

Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate

City Holiday

Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate

Just Life

Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate


Me & a CUP Of HOt CHOCOLate


About brand

Founded in Cambrige in 1984, PLUSFILE was born of the great tradition of the place. For over 30 years, PLUSFILE has been publishing diaries and notelets, following Cambridge’s long history of printing and writing.


It dates back in 1534, when the Cambridge University Press was founded as the first publishing and printing company, providing quality paper and notebooks for some of the greatest minds in the world. As a result PLUSFILE is inspired by the greatest thinkers and the most ardent writers of Cambridge, among them Stephen Hawking, Issac Newton, and William Wordsworth. Today, PLUSFILE continues to spread the virtues of writing-- from Cambridge to the world.


FORLIFE was founded in Los Angeles, USA in 1994, by Masa Fujii, the designer and founder of the brand.

Brand Tenet: To design products that are simple, practical, beautiful, generous, and lasting, and can improve the quality of life.


About Designer

Mr. Masa Fujii, graduated from design school in Japan in his sixteen years old, began to study ceramics at the age of 18. At the age of 21, he went to the United States with his master and devoted his life to the design and development of ceramic products. Therefore, FORLIFE's design incorporates the aesthetics and culture of the East and West.

Brand introduction

Christian Lacroix was founded in France in 1987. It is co founded by Lacroix, a famous designer in Paris women's wear industry, and LVMH group. Inspired by the figure and picture appearance of the French royal court, Mr. Lacroix's design has always been colorful, noble and luxurious, just like the dazzling stars that shocked the world. His design has made him win the Oscar "golden pin Award" in the clothing industry for many times, and he is known as "master of color matching in the fashion industry".

Christian Lacroix has industries of high-end customization, jewelry, watches, scarves, home furnishings, cultural and creative industries. Its most special series of cultural and creative products, such as notebooks, albums, postcards, games, penholder and playing cards, follow the consistent palace style luxury and bright design style, setting off a fashion boom in the cultural and creative world. Mr. Christian Lacroix has always emphasized the "desiguatesk" of product design. Each product is unique. In Notepad series, butterfly, plant, diamond, lace and other elements are used to represent the luxury, nobility and unique charm of women.

And through cutting-edge technology and delicate decoration such as embossing, laser cutting, ingenious pop-up elements, the extraordinary biology and dreamlike design will become reality. Beautify every page with inspiration, let the owner enjoy writing and feel the different blooming of life. Christian Lacroix cultural and creative product line is constantly developing and expanding, integrating aesthetics and creativity into all areas of life. At present, it is under the line counter in Shanghai China Resources Times Square, Beijing SKP, Hong Kong Lane Crawford, Lafayette department store and other high-end shopping malls.


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